Caviar Supreme specializes in the procurement, marketing and distribution of high value caviar to the food service industry. Our company operates in the United States. We also have partners in Russia, Germany, and Israel.

As specialists in this feld, we understand that consumers demand only the best when it comes to delicacies. To achieve this standard, we use a combination of ancient and modern methods to enhance the favor of our products.

We are strongly focused on quality and are driven by our commitment to service through product support, knowledge of our products and the simple measure of delivering on time and consistently. As a customer oriented company we provide variety of service including catering for special events, service styles and presentation.



Unopened containers of caviar will typically last 4-6 weeks. Once a container of caviar is opened, it should be consumed within 5 days. Caviar should be stored at a temperature of 28-34°F. If caviar is opened and unfinished, plastic wrap should be gently placed over the top of the product before the lid is placed back on the container. It is not recommended to freeze sturgeon caviar.


Take the caviar out of the refrigerator about 15 minutes before serving to let it adjust to room temperature. Caviar should be served on a surface of shaved ice, preferably in a glass container, although silver and crystal can also be used. Do not allow caviar to come into contact with metal, as this will negatively impact its flavor.