Caviar Supreme specializes in the procurement, marketing and distribution the highest quality caviar in the US bringing the luxurious taste of this all time delicacy to your door at below market price. Our company operates in the United States. We also have partners in Russia, UK, Germany, UAE and Israel.

Caviar Supreme initially started in 2015 by supplying a wide range of caviar to Michelin star restaurants as well as other high-end restaurants offering caviar on the East Coast. Over the years, Caviar Supreme has established a reputation for excellence and pricing within the industry.

We are strongly focused on quality and driven by our commitment to service through product support, knowledge of our products and the simple measure of delivering on time and consistently. As a customer oriented company, we provide variety of service including catering for special events, service styles and presentation.



Caviar is the best source of vitamins and minerals, including omega 3, which helps to promote a healthy nervous, circulatory and immune system. One serving of caviar has an adult’s daily requirement of Vitamin B12. Other nutrients included are vitamins A, E, B6, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium and Selenium, which helps promote strong bones, teeth and immune system.


Unopened containers of caviar will typically last 2 weeks in a metal tin and 4-6 weeks in glass jar. Once a container of caviar is opened, it should be consumed within 7 days. Caviar should be stored at a temperature of 28-34°F, regular fridge or serve on ice.


Caviar is judged on its color, flavor, texture, pearl size and maturity. The finest, most expensive caviars are older, larger eggs that are lighter in color. Lower quality caviar is younger, with a more intensely fishy flavor, and darker in color.